Black Bananya is the poshest bananya in the series. He acts french with his love for fine cuisine, so Black Bananya may be half French and half Japanese.

Appearance Edit

Black Bananya appears as a black cat with blue eyes, a fancy red tie fitting his color and chalky white cheeks. However, his banana is just ripe with a tiny spot of green at the bottom. Not to forget, Black Bananya has very "glow in the dark" pink ears.

Personality Edit

As mentioned before, Black Bananya has a high attitude to fine cuisine, hinting that he may be French. In 1 episode, he scares 4 other Bananyas in the middle of the night (Episode 7 - Bananya in the middle of the night, Nya), however this activity likely never continued and was a 1-time prank.

Extras Edit

  • Instead of saying "nya" like Bananya and a couple of other Bananyas, Black Bananya says "mm hur!".
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