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Episode 1 marks the beginning of the series and the adventures of Bananya and the other banana cats (Bananyas).

Introduction Edit

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The magical banana tree in space where the Bananyas come from...

Episode 1 begins with the narrator simply stating the word "Banana," and then going on to give a general explanation of bananas as humans have come to know them. The narrator then officially begins the series by stating "This is a story about the secret of bananas that nobody knows...." The scene then cuts to an empty kitchen and the camera quickly pans to the right to reveal a hanging trio of bananas. However, the middle banana suddenly begins to move, much to the narrator's surprise, and then suddenly flies off the hook on which it was hanging.


Bananya Episode 1

The moment where Bananya awakes...

After soaring through the air, in an impressive display containing no less than six backflips, and somehow landing upright, the peel of the banana is finally burst open from within, revealing the titular character and main protagonist, Bananya. The mighty Bananya awakens with a soft yawn and quickly observes his surroundings. After ascertaining no immediate danger or points of intrigue, Bananya falls rapidly back to sleep, but only for a brief moment.
Feeling finally fully refreshed, Bananya awakens and begins a more thorough examination of the environment, most likely in the hopes
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Bananya, now fully awake, searching for a source of food.

of discovering a source of food. During this time the narrator attempts to tell the viewer the name of this ungodly abomination that has appeared, but each time the narrator approaches the final syllable in the word "Bananya" he is immediately interrupted by none other than Bananya himself, revealing that Bananya has some sort of fourth-wall-breaking super sense that allows him to hear the narrator as clearly as he would any other mortal foolish enough to cross his path.
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Bananya exploring the adjoining room.

Bananya, traveling in a sort of hopping/thrusting fashion, ventures down off of the kitchen counter and out of the kitchen into the adjoining living room wherein he asserts his dominance upon some curtains that offended him with their mere presence. He then hops up onto a nearby entertainment station (television) and with a final thunderous "Nya!" lays claim to the entire Earth itself.


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The Bananya Identification Guide

The episode ends with a special segment called "The Bananya Identification Guide" wherein the narrator explains the traits of the fierce Bananya and outlines his weakness to sweet foods and his hidden aspiration to become a trendy chocolate-covered bananya. It is unknown whether this dream of Bananya's is a side project or a prerequisite to his plan to subjugate the earth.