Warning! This article contains Spoilers. You may spoil your experience of the following content if you read.

Bananya Episode 2 - Bananya and friends, Nya is the 2nd episode in the Bananya series as mentioned in the episode's title. In this episode, the narrator introduces all the main Bananyas. However, these descriptions aren't as descriptive as they are in the Bananya Identification Guide.

In the beginning, the narrator states that the kitchen is very quiet this evening. Then he talks about how, after many years of research, he discovered the Bananyas. While he is chatting, Black Bananya is introduced as "the kitty in the fancy bow tie." As one can see, he is completely covered in black! He also makes a noise that no other Bananya has said to this day: "Nu Nu Nuoo!"

He then introduces Tabby Bananya, who is said to be quite absorbed in something: Bananyako, everybody's Madonna! Then, the camera moves towards Mackerel Tabby Bananya, Tabby Bananya's brother. Mackerel Tabby Bananya seems anxious about his brother's attempts to catch Bananyako's attention, as she is completely ignoring him...

...Because Bananyako is already busy admiring Long-haired-Bananya! Long-haired-Bananya seems to make a living out of combing his hair, which he is doing right then. Long-haired-Bananya seems very self-absorbed and only cares for his own fashion (which is strange as he doesn't really care about what others think of it).