Long-Haired-Bananya is probably the most self-absorbed bananya in the Bananya Series. He brushes his hair for hours on end, every day. His first appearance in an episode (not including the introduction to all the Bananyas episode: Episode 2 - Bananya and Friends, Nya ) is in Episode 5 - "Bananya & the Refrigirator, Nya".


Long-Haired-Bananya is one of the only Bananyas that has a pink banana, along with Baby Bananya. Alongside that, he has a lighter colour of yellow on his banana's interior. Long-Haired-Bananya brushes his hair for hours a day, 7 days a week, so his hair gets a unique waviness style. Long-Haired-Bananya's eyes are brown & his cheecks are light pink. Strangely enough, Long-Haired-Bananya has yellow ears (on the inside).


Long-Haired-Bananya comes along with other bananyas when they go somewhere, for example he goes in the fridge in Episode 5 - "Bananya & the Refrigerator, Nya". However, Long-Haired-Bananya is usually quite self-absorbed, meaning he is pretty much doing his own thing a lot of the time. He also has a habit of accepting things, but declining the deal that comes with it.