The Bananya Bunch is a group of 3 Bananyas which are quite young and are brothers of Bananya. When the Bananya Bunch is sleeping, they hang on their "branch", which is a plastic banana holder. Commonly, The Bananya Bunch do large expeditions with other Bananyas, not necessarily small expeditions like visiting the fridge.


The Bananyas in the Bananya Bunch and Bananya look similar to each other. However, the Bananyas in the Bananya Bunch have a different mouth shape than Bananya's (The mouth from the Bananya Bunch Bananyas looks a bit like a moustache). Otherwise, there is not much difference except the banana sizes and body sizes. Like Bananya, they have bright pink cheecks and slightly oval shaped eyes.


The Bananyas in The Bananya Bunch can be easily offended. For example, in the episode in which they got introduced in, the narrator couldn't determine the difference between Bananya and The Bananya Bunch, which made the whole Bananya bunch cross their arms in a mean of being offended. However, they can also be very playful, as shown when they swing in their bananas from their banana holder.


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